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@ChrisAldrich Thx great to hear. I see path forward in Regina Roberts "ways of making money off of content": shared value in preservation
2 years ago from Washington, DC  
Some problems with eqnarray and alternatives.
2 years ago from Houston  
Just roll another WordPress site, enhance with Yoast, dump with W3TotalCache use and
2 years ago from NYC, NY  
#360Video vs #VirtualReality Hopefully this slide from my presentation deck can help clarify the difference to tho…
2 years ago from Vancouver  
The Harvard Classics: Download All 51 Volumes as Free eBooks
2 years ago from Mountain View, CA  
Fascinating. Didn't know that Muji's name came from a phrase that translates as "No Brand Quality Goods". A brand around not being a brand.
2 years ago from NYC, NY  
Thrilled to stand with PP Pasadena !!
2 years ago from California, USA  
Open Music Library Combines Free and Subscription Databases,by Matt Enis @MatthewEnis /Library Journal
2 years ago from Lisboa, Portugal  
What's better than a diamond? A triamond! A possible form of carbon, not yet seen: a "topological crystal". More…
2 years ago from Singapore  
Really liking the simplicity and thoroughness of @KatieFloyd's list of "favorite things"
2 years ago from Portland, OR  
"The work that our #community organizers do is just as important as a bug fix." @andmiddleton #WCCINCY
2 years ago from Orange County, CA  
What are you reading this Sunday morning? #GradLife | #Information | #Economics
2 years ago from Denver via DC via WV  
I've considered hedging against disaster with a big 9:1 prediction market bet on Trump, but can't do it. Here's why:
2 years ago from Seattle, WA  
best thing I've seen today kid points at woman in niqab: mom! look! ninja! mom: uhh…errrr… niqab wearing woman: *strikes awesome ninja pose*
2 years ago from one nation under a groove  
Have received permission from @GenFlynn to publish this Trump campaign polling analysis. Enjoy.
2 years ago from New York  
@kalevleetaru A Vision of the Role and Future of Web Archives #dtmh2016
2 years ago from  
@kalevleetaru A portrait of the Drudge Report 2002-2008 #dtmh2016
2 years ago from  
"It's like physicists in the '50s." @kzwa of @librarycongress talks about wide range of skill sets necessary for li…
2 years ago from Columbia, MO  
“Not a librarian by training but a brainwashed computer systems analyst” -#HenrietteAvram #dtmh2016
2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA  
JuxataposeJS as mentioned by @kzwa #dtmh2016
2 years ago from