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Really liking the simplicity and thoroughness of @KatieFloyd's list of "favorite things"
2 years Portland, OR 
Thrilled to stand with PP Pasadena !!
2 years California, USA 
What are you reading this Sunday morning? #GradLife | #Information | #Economics
2 years Denver via DC via WV 
What's better than a diamond? A triamond! A possible form of carbon, not yet seen: a "topological crystal". More…
2 years Singapore 
Have you ever wondered how complex things like life can arise in a universe that tends towards disorder?
2 years Montana 
My Playmobil Bayeux Tapestry: all four scenes.
Notes from Dodging the Memory Hole: Saving Online News (day 1, @ChrisAldrich )
2 years where tech & lib meet! 
Today's the anniversary of the Battle of Hastings, so obviously I've recreated some Bayeux Tapestry scenes using Pl…
"It's like physicists in the '50s." @kzwa of @librarycongress talks about wide range of skill sets necessary for li…
2 years Columbia, MO 
@ChrisAldrich @MikeNelson sadly, we missed opportunity for all Michael Nelson web panel: librarian at U of Wyoming [in reply to]
2 years Norfolk, VA 
Stock photos to help change the image of "tech worker" #accessYFC
Slides from my Ignite talk "Need Help With Your Code?" Bonus: photos of the nearby beautiful Bay of Fundy #accessYFC
On my way to LA for Dodging the Memory Hole 2016. #DTMH
2 years Washington D.C. 
We have mini-schedules of everything going on tomorrow and Friday! Be sure to pick one up, it's portable and adorab…
2 years Columbia, MO 
Travel information for #DTMH2016 at The majority of the conference will be at @UCLA_YRL. S…
2 years Columbia, MO