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@ChrisAldrich Thank you for following DueyDialer. We really appreciate it.
2 years ago from St Louis, MO
@ChrisAldrich Que artistaz disfrutz
2 years ago from
@ChrisAldrich fyi #indieweb IWC Berlin will take place parallel to LA - just got the venue confirmed - let's get in contact...
2 years ago from Dortmund
@ChrisAldrich: Writing up some instructions for #noterlive.
2 years ago from Los Angeles, CA
@ChrisAldrich @nursingdean maybe I should go for MSN in informatics instead of biomedical engineering?Getting old!can't spend 30s in college
2 years ago from Wherever My Head Rests
@ChrisAldrich @Dave00729 good review!
2 years ago from Thousand Oaks,CA
@ChrisAldrich thought you might be interest giving recent posts
2 years ago from San Diego, CA
@ChrisAldrich I just wanted to stop by & say your writings/goodreads activity has been a big source of my inspiration. Thank-you.
2 years ago from SeaTac;né Pensacola Sehnsucht
@ChrisAldrich Hi! Want to download a primer on how to #selfpublish? Download our free books
2 years ago from New York
@ChrisAldrich @monsoon0
2 years ago from Thousand Oaks,CA
@ChrisAldrich #HTCvive tester @GameStop call others though definitely at Santa Monica & la brea. Focus on 3D percp chng from brief use.
2 years ago from United States
@ChrisAldrich you forgot to write down twitter username on your about page
2 years ago from
@ChrisAldrich - trying to get in touch with you.. Pls call back when free.. Also applying at CAA for internship.. Know anyone there?
2 years ago from
@ChrisAldrich Mr. A!! Would love to finish that chat.
2 years ago from Los Angeles
@ChrisAldrich - so there are few interesting updates I need to fill you in.. What is the best way to reach you?
2 years ago from